Chilliwack Bowls of Hope

Chilliwack Community Services and Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Forge New Subsidiary Relationship for Mutual Growth and Sustainability

Chilliwack, [November 15 th , 2023] — Chilliwack Community Services (CCS) and Chilliwack Bowls of Hope (CBOH) are thrilled to announce a new subsidiary relationship aimed at fortifying the mission of both organizations around food security. This strategic partnership is set to create a synergistic framework that not only ensures the continued success and sustainability of Chilliwack Bowls of Hope but also bolsters the Food Security initiatives of Chilliwack Community Services.

Chilliwack Bowls of Hope has been a leading agency in the community since 2005 on food security initiatives, providing nutritious lunch time meals to upwards of 1000 children in need a day. The organization’s dedication to eradicating childhood hunger aligns seamlessly with the core values of Chilliwack Community Services, which has long been committed to enhancing the well-being of all residents in Chilliwack.

Benefits for Chilliwack Bowls of Hope: This subsidiary relationship provides Chilliwack Bowls of Hope with a stable foundation for future growth and sustainability. With the support and resources of Chilliwack Community Services, Chilliwack Bowls of Hope can streamline operations, access expertise in organizational management, and secure the necessary resources to expand its reach. This partnership
ensures that the vital mission of Chilliwack Bowls of Hope continues to thrive, allowing even more children to receive nourishing meals and experience brighter futures.

Benefits for Chilliwack Community Services: For Chilliwack Community Services, this partnership represents an opportunity to enrich their Food Security initiatives. By integrating the efforts of Chilliwack Bowls of Hope, Chilliwack Community Services can enhance the scope and effectiveness of their food-related programs. The collaboration allows Chilliwack Community Services to tap into the expertise developed by Chilliwack Bowls of Hope in addressing childhood hunger and utilize it to further their commitment to food security for all members of the community. This subsidiary relationship also deepens the existing partnership between the two organizations, strengthening the collective impact they can make on the community.


Chilliwack Community Services is dedicated to fostering the well-being of our community members,” remarked, Luke Zacharias, Board President of Chilliwack Community Services. “Partnering with Chilliwack Bowls of Hope aligns perfectly with our mission and allows us to expand our food security initiatives with a trusted ally. Together, we will strengthen our community!”

Chris Csoka, Board President of Chilliwack Bowls of Hope shared “Chilliwack Bowls of Hope has grown with the community, starting with one school 18 years ago to now feeding over 1,000 kids in school alongside our other food security programs. Partnering with CCS, a society with mutually aligned goals and initiatives, will allow great synergies and support as we continue to expand our food security programs. I am thrilled to see our two societies partner to put our community first and build for a better tomorrow!”

As this subsidiary relationship unfolds, Chilliwack Community Services and Chilliwack Bowls of Hope are excited to make significant impacts on the lives of Chilliwack residents together. Through shared vision and collaboration, these organizations will create a more resilient and nourished community for the generations to come.

For media inquiries or general questions about the subsidiary  relationship, please contact:

Kate Healey, Executive Director of Chilliwack Community Services,

Chris Csoka, Chilliwack Bowls of Hope,

About Chilliwack Community Services

Chilliwack Community Services is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with people and the community to create opportunities to enrich lives.

About Chilliwack Bowls of Hope

Chilliwack Bowls of Hope is a charitable organization committed to helping Chilliwack children in need reach their full potential by fueling their mind and body one mouthful at a time.


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