Youth & Family Therapy


Youth and Family Therapy


Clinical Coordinator: Esther Gubiotti, 604.793.7215


Youth therapy provides dynamic, clinical counselling services to youth and their family around coming-of-age issues, trauma recovery, family dynamics, relationships, identity, and others. Youth therapy referrals are open to all youth under 19 and their caregivers.


Through funding from MCFD and donation dollars from our general community, the Youth Therapy program offers intensive individual and and family counselling services to youth and their caregivers.

Most of the youth in our counselling program are referred by MCFD, probation, and their youth workers. However, many are also self-referred or referred by family members. Participation in the program is voluntary and can be short-term or long-term, depending on the individual needs of the youth client.

To inquire for an intake and assessment, please contact the clinical coordinator.