Family Law Advocate

Family Law Advocate

Family Services Coordinator: Jennifer Campbell, 604.793.7208
Family Law Advocate: Robert LeComte, 604.702.2904

Our Family Law Advocacy program provides no-cost advocacy and information to those who cannot afford legal counsel.  Whether it is an issue with custody, separation, divorce or support, Robert will do his best to help you.  Supervision is provided by CCS and a partnering lawyer from Baker Newby to ensure proper assistance when navigating the legal system.

Our funding partner is the Law Foundation of British Columbia.


This advocacy program will help with:

  • – Getting a divorce
  • – Applying for spousal and/or child support
  • – Responding to court applications
  • – Receiving or varying parenting time
  • – Enforcing previous orders
  • – Question about the FMEP
  • – Getting a protection order
  • – Preventing the unauthorized relocation of your child
  • Take note: The family law advocate is not a lawyer, and cannot give legal advice.  That said, they can provide general information, support during court proceedings, and help you fill out necessary forms.

Have more questions? Contact Robert directly at 604-702-2904 or [email protected]


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