Host an event

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event, promotion, or drive to collect much needed items and funds on behalf of Chilliwack Community Services. The united efforts of dedicated community members, businesses, schools, churches, and other groups is essential to our ability to provide services to those in need.

Third party event

Third Party Events are fundraisers benefiting Chilliwack Community Services and are coordinated and implemented by an individual, group, or company. These events do not involve the provisions of participants/attendees, auction items, or sponsors as part of CCS’s involvement in the event. If interested, click here to contact the Fundraising Coordinator.

Possible supports available from CCS:

– processing tax receipts
– CCS promotional materials (brochures, banners, donation boxes, etc.)
– sending press releases to local media
– event day volunteer support
– online fundraiser page
– event information on website

donations / tax receipts

A tax receipt is given to people who make a personal donation to a registered charity. The donation must be made directly to Chilliwack Community Services (eg: writing their checks out to CCS) and without personal return.

Donation “in-kind” (item or service) may not be receiptable, so please check with our Fund Development Officer to confirm eligibility with Canada Revenue Agency.

We require the following information to properly process a tax receipt:

– donor’s name
– donor’s address w/postal code
– donor’s telephone address
– amount of donation

Tax receipts cannot be processed by Chilliwack Community Services until donation is received.