Anger and Aggression

via Zoom

We all feel anger, that's ok, but managing the road from anger to aggression can be difficult. Unpack with us the journey, and learn how to get off the road before you wound another relationship.


Circle of Security Parenting

via Zoom

Kids don't come with a user manual, or do they? Circle of Security breaks the code and reduces parents anxiety about am I good enough.


Junior Youth Rec – Bug Day!

Promontory West Park 5387 Teskey Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Meet at Promontory West Park.


Emotional Adaptability

Ruth & Naomi's 46129 Princess Ave,, Chilliwack,, BC

3 weeks on understanding and managing the big emotions of children and adults. Participants can increase emotional regulation with this increased understanding and developing these targeted skills.

Junior Youth Rec – Swimming

Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre 9145 Corbould St, Chilliwack

Meet at the Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre.

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