Youth Services

Our Commitment to Youth

Youth Services Coordinator: Kaleigh Roberts, 604.702-2903

We are committed to walking alongside of youth, assisting them to achieve their personal dreams and preparing them to become successful adults who contribute to the community.

Some youth do not have all of their basic needs met, such as adequate food, basic shelter, and guaranteed safety. Some struggle in school or with difficult family relationships, while others face social isolation. These are the youth from our community we aim to connect with and support.

Youth Outreach

Support to vulnerable youth and their families, including “street” youth.

Youth Support

Providing youth with an opportunity to address areas of stress, anger, conflict, self-esteem, and other youth related counselling matters.

Youth Housing

Safe, affordable transitional housing for youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Youth Advisory Committee

A representation of youth voices whose purpose is to advocate on behalf of youth through identifying, improving, and increasing services and programs for youth in Chilliwack.

Youth Leadership & Empowerment Training

Leadership and Empowerment Training Group is for youth aged 14 to 18 who want to learn skills to navigate through their teenage years, craft a stellar resume, and run some fun events.


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