Therapy Services

Clinical Coordinator: Anja Vogels, 604.793.7215

Our ever-growing clinical, outreach, therapeutic programs provide short- and long-term counselling for people of all ages and backgrounds. We have specialized counselling programs to match specific needs. Some of our programs are referral-only, while others are non-barrier and open to all. All our counsellors are highly skilled registered clinicians with experience working in trauma-informed environments to support vulnerable populations. We also have a robust and growing practicum/internship program for Master’s level students studying clinical counselling. With the exception of our practicum intern students, our therapists provide outreach services in clients’ homes and in the community.

Our funding partners are the Ministry of Children and Family Therapy (Child Protection, Child and Youth Mental Health), and respective university clinical programs. We also receive funding through donations from the community.

Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy program works with MCFD to provide clinical intervention to families struggling with communication, parenting, healing from trauma, and other mental health issues. This program is referral-only from MCFD and Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society in Fraser Valley (FVACFSS).

EY Therapy

The Early Years Therapy program is open to all families in the Chilliwack community with kids ages birth to 6 years. Our EY therapist works with the family and their small children to provide clinical support around child development, psycho-education, play therapy, communication, and attachment-based parenting.

Youth & Family Therapy

Youth therapy provides dynamic, clinical counselling services to youth and their family around coming-of-age issues, trauma recovery, family dynamics, relationships, identity, and others. Youth therapy is primarily on an outreach basis, and referrals are open to all youth under 19 and their families.


SAIP is our Sexual Abuse Intervention Program, which provides clinical support for children recovering through alleged sexual abuse. Our SAIP therapist utilizes play and art therapy with young clients to work through trauma healing. SAIP takes referrals from all sources, including parents, and MCFD.

Practicum Therapists

From September to June or beyond, our clinical program accepts new Master's level students in clinical counselling programs. Our intern therapists receive robust experience, guidance, and supervision with our team through working with clients from dynamic backgrounds and presenting problems. If you are interested in an internship experience, please contact the clinical coordinator for an interview.

Community Therapy

We are working on offering clinical services to families and individuals in the community who struggle with low income and do not qualify for government-funded therapeutic support. These individuals may be struggling with mild to moderate mental health issues around anxiety, general depression, adjustment disorder, and grief. Stay tuned for more information.

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