Specialized Victim Assistance

Information, referral and court accompaniment is provided for victims of domestic violence, date rape, spousal assault, elder abuse, and sexual assault.  Most often, the offence is committed by somebody the victim already knew.

Being a victim of crime can be hard on you financially, physically and emotionally.  

The issues experienced by survivors of relationship abuse, elder abuse, criminal harassment, sexual assault and child sexual abuse are unique, and their needs are different from victims of other crimes.

  • Are you a witness or victim in a relationship abuse or sexual assault trial?

  • Are you confused about the court system?

  • Would you like to know what is happening with your file?

  • Are you nervous or frightened about going to court?

  • Are you being pressured to "drop" the charges against the accused?

  • Do you need help accessing help?

  • Would you like more information about the "no contact" order?

There is help available for you.  

Information Support Referral Assistance

  • Criminal justice system

  • Police file status

  • Court case results

  • Impact of the crime on you

  • Victims of Crime Act

  • Liaison with Crown Counsel, police and other agencies

  • Court Accompaniment

  • Court Orientation

  • Someone to talk to

  • Community agencies

  • Transition House

  • Emergency Social Services

  • Crisis Lines

  • Counselling/ Support groups

  • Crime Victim Assistance Program

  • Victim Impact Statement



Specialized Victim Assistance

Contact Information:

45938 Wellington Avenue
Chilliwack, BC

9:00 am to 4:30 pm


Jodie Burrell
Nancy Drewery


Funding Partner:
BC Ministry of Justice

Specialized Victim Assistance Program

Helpful Links:
VictimLink BC - 1.800.563.0807
Toll free confidential multilingual telephone line available 24/7