Settlement Workers in Schools

Moving to a new school is tough enough, but starting the school year off in a new country can be frightening for students new to Canada.

They have left their friends behind and sometimes their family and things they know and like, to come to a place where most everything is different ... the language is different, the weather is different, and how people treat them is different.  It’s having to shift from one culture to another culture.

Initially it's very difficult for students.  And that’s why Settlement Workers go into the schools to help them meet new friends and feel more at home.  They make the important connections for students both in school and the larger community, and also facilitate the students' adjustment into the community.

That support filters through to the whole family, linking parents with a variety of community resources, including English Language Classes and Settlement Services.

Program objectives:

  • helping children adjust to school culture and focus on learning while providing their parents with information and resources on settlement and immigration issues; 
  • increase parents' understanding of Canadian culture and school systems; 
  • increase parent involvement in the school and the community; 
  • assess needs of immigrant families and the barriers to successful integration; and increase access to programs and services and work to improve the effectiveness of those programs. 

Program activities: 

  • outreach to newly arrived families, including “hard to reach” families; 
  • settlement counselling for students, parents, or families including needs assessment and action plans; 
  • workshops and group activities related to settlement issues; 
  • client/school liaison, promoting cross-cultural understanding and facilitating communication; and 
  • service bridging and support, including liaison with other service providers and community agencies.

Settlement Workers in Schools

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9214 Mary Street
Chilliwack, BC


9:00 am to 4:00 pm


(604) 393-3251




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Programs run September to June

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