Senior Services

Senior Services

Seniors Services Coordinator: Sarah Woelders, 778.860.5499

In 2011, the first of the Baby Boomers turned 65. And they will live longer and be more active than any generation before.

Chilliwack’s senior population is growing, exceeding provincial averages; currently 17.5% are over 65. Demand for senior services is growing too. Much has changed over the last few years especially around the way in which information is shared and accessed.

Support services for seniors has long been a part of the CCS mandate. Funding continues to be scarce, and all services continue to be volunteer driven. We thrive through fundraising and donation dollars.


Meals on Wheels

Coordinator: Jen Sibley
Door-to-door delivery of nutritious meals to people unable to cook for themselves.

Community Drivers

*Program has been eliminated. Click title for

Better At Home

Coordinator: Sarah Woelders
Help with day-to-day tasks so seniors can continue to live independently in their own homes.

Social Prescription

Coordinator: Leila Reshid
Supports individuals in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, and social engagement as a way of taking their own health and enabling them to engage in and contribute to their community.

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