Chilliwack Community Services is an independent local charity providing opportunities with people to make positive change in their lives.


To be a leading partner in helping our community be the best it can be.



  • We believe in the inherent worth of every person.

  • We believe in building on each person’s strengths to help them reach their potential.

  • We value and encourage diversity in our community, our people and our programs.

  • We believe in recruiting and retaining the best possible staff, Board and volunteers, working in partnership to achieve our mission.

  • We will provide a workplace environment where open communication, trust and mutual respect prevail. Effective teamwork, personal initiative and calculated risk taking are essential to our success.


  • We believe in providing leadership and being a valued partner in identifying and responding to community needs.

  • We believe achieving exemplary volunteerism, community spirit and an outstanding quality of life is the shared responsibility of all individuals, organizations and institutions.

  • We are committed to social equity and advocating for those in need.


  • We will serve the needs and respect the values of the community in which we operate.

  • We are committed to being a progressive, community directed, publicly accountable and financially responsible agency.

  • We will adhere to the highest ethical standards.